In 2015-16, I was editorial advisor for the podcast series, Adaptive ( by Michelle Macklem: aired on CBC Radio One’s Spark. The first episode:

My audio documentary, What is Accessibility? is featured on Global Disability Watch here:

My start in radio came in 2011 at CKUT radio, where I focused on local and national stories of Indigenous movement for the show Native Solidarity News. Since then, I have created audio documentaries and live radio about disability justice, gender and sexuality, and arts and culture.

I’ve been a co-host of the nationally live-broadcast Homelessness Marathon, as well as Aboriginal day broadcasts and live coverage of community events such as vigils, marches, and this Idle No More event in 2012.

When venturing into the world of accessibility politics and activism, I produced a series simply called What is Accessibility?! Here is a piece from that series, an interview with disability justice activist and scholar, Laurence Parent.

As co-host of Native Solidarity News, I have the chance to talk with many community leaders, artists and as in this piece below, First Nations Chiefs. This is Chief Adam Allan of the Athabasca Chipeywan First Nation located near Fort MacMurray Alberta.

I have produced many radio documentaries featuring in-depth conversations and more than play-by-play reporting. One such documentary features writer and revolutionary Indigenous thinker, Lynn Gehl.

See more audio on my Soundcloud page:


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