I am filming a video series about accessibility and culture in Vancouver and Montreal, and

I would like to request an interview with youabout your lived experience in the city where you live, your ideas about access and culture.

My project involves producing a video series questioning and disrupting some ‘given’ goals of Canadian disability justice movements that are based on settler colonial ideals. 

What: 45 minute video interview

Why: to include in a series of short videos about accessibility and culture in Vancouver and Montreal

Where: at a location convenient for you – would love to film as we roll/ walk around a place that’s important to you!

How: I film from my wheelchair using portable gear

Consent: I would show you the final selections of video before making public any footage – for your approval.

Why you: Your work/ art/ advocacy has led me to want to include your perspective and knowledge in this project.

It would be an honour to include you!

Sample video, Bodies of Knowledge, 2017:  (closed captioned)

My blog:

Background information:

I am a British and Afrikaans descended Canadian disability advocate, journalist, and researcher in the field of disability and accessibility. After being involved in accessibility advocacy and independent media covering Indigenous arts and resistance, I undertook this Masters thesis project to look at these two broad areas together. Are there more ways that we can support each other, are there ways these movements conflict?

My project involves producing a video series on the intersections of disability studies and Indigenous studies. Currently in my second year, I am at the interview stage for my video-based thesis.

It is for this reason that I invited you to this site!

Please take a look around, and contact me for more information/ to set up an interview!      ||        514-601-4747       ||      or via the contact page

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