I regularly coordinate and collaborate on media and art projects that bridge community, innovative media techniques and research.

The ACSEXE+ project saw the production of an internationally reaching blog and video series.


[Three stick figures holding hands with the letters FQPN below. ACSEXE+ sexuality, access and disability in Quebec in white overlaid on a close up image of a purple feather boa.]

This project has taken me across the country, presenting and sharing resources at the Canadian Sexuality Studies Conference in 2016, and to the Tristan Williams foundation.

lower(the)depths was an immersive theatre project of creative peoples caucus, an international platform for exploring the intersection of live, social and civic art practice.


In a dark black box theatre, a line of people stand, sit, kneel. The anle of the photo is taken from low to the ground. People look like living statues, with serious expressions.

Under the leadership of Barak adé Soleil I collaboratively developed a practice of live archiving – which is a combination of witnessing, documentation via video, writing, interviews, audio, and blogging.

On the Canal

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 1.36.18 AM

Diamond shapes overlapping in white on black background, next to On the Canal by Aimee Louw.