In 2015 I co-coordinated a project on sexuality and disability at the feminist organization, FQPN , called ACSEXE+

ACSEXE+ is a bilingual blog and video series about sexuality, accessibility and disability.

ACSEXE+ photo



Part sexual education, part storytelling and all sex-positive and feminist, ACSEXE+ seeks to counter negative stereotypes and create a space for people with disabilities to get the info and perspectives we need, about the many things we desire.

The Blog

ACSEXE+ blog is a mix of secondary and qualitative research, skill-sharing, personal storytelling and sexual education.

On ACSEXE+ find sex-positive tips such as how to find your PC muscle, or how to resist ableism in dating. We want to make Quebec more sexually diverse and open to different ways of being. Whether it’s discussing assistance in physical sexual settings, or stereotypes and confidence, or getting down to practical things like sex positions and where to meet potential romantic partners, ACSEXE+ is the place to do it.

The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability has served as an informational basis for the ACSEXE+ blog, due to collaboration with author and Sex Educator Cory Silverberg and co-authors Fran Odette and Miriam Kaufman. My role is researching and writing for the blog.

The videos

The ACSEXE+ video series features three women with varied experience of disability sharing their experiences and insights for others who may have similar experiences. As the coordinator and director of the videos, I am thrilled to see the end result of all the outreach, conversations and logistical planning that went into production. Filmaker, Rozenn Potin shot and edited the videos.


On May 29, 2015 the ACSEXE+ videos were launched at a public screening and cocktail. It was a well-attended evening with people of diverse backgrounds.

ACSEXE+ launch

Myself and an attendee of the video launch wearing the FQPN’s signature violet boa.

Following the screening, I facilitated a discussion (in French) about themes presented in the films. My colleagues co-facilitated and did live translation for English speakers.

In the coming year there will be a screening of the English version of the videos, and other public events involving the ACSEXE+ video series.

If you’d like to collaborate on the ACSEXE+ project, please get in touch on the contact page.

Check out the ACSEXE+ blog here

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