Relationship and sexuality resources!

This is a non-exhaustive list of resources related to sexuality and relationships:


—– ACSEXE+ is a bilingual blog and video series about sexuality, accessibility and disability.


Consent With Disabilities Generation 1 Resource

—–  Sample consent cards for nonverbal communication


Disability after dark podcast

—–  Podcasts about sex and disability by Andrew Gurza


Spoon theory, blog post

—– Awesome blog post that provides helpful analogy and language for talking about energy levels and chronic illness

—– A whole online Tumblr/ hashtag community has come from this blog post!!!

The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability: For All of Us Who Live with Disabilities, Chronic Pain and Illness, book

—–  A non-judgemental, very thorough overview of many things related to sexuality and relationships


Underwater city project, blog

—–   Aimee Louw’s blog that covers topics from accessibility to sexuality and personal reflections on news and culture.


When I walk, Film

—– Jason DaSylva, a filmmaker from New York, documents his first few years after being diagnosed with MS. Really intimate and honest… Highly recommended!