Sharing my knowledge and media production is integral.

If it’s the right fit, I can tailor a presentation or workshop to an organization/ event’s needs along standard and community speaker’s fees.

Please get in touch on the contact page or email aimee@underwatercity.ca

Past speaking engagements of note:

Gender Blender Image

Gender Blender Cabaret August 2014 animated poster  blender with liquid and two people inside. One person is wearing fishnets and a top hat the other person has burgundy hair. There is text advertising event on the poster.

Take back night photo 2014

A large group of people is assembled in the downtown square at the 2014 Montreal Take back the night march.  Some people have soccer and others have cardboard cutouts of taxi Doors symbolizing that then recent attack of a woman in Montreal taxi.

diversity panel 2016

Five panelists sitting behind a long table covered in the red cloth with Concordia University written on the front at the  Beyond Disciplines panel, April 2016.  Microphones on short stands and glasses and pitchers of water are on the table.  Hence our turn to the left of the photo, where someone is presumed to be speaking at a podium.

University of Calgary. 2016 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Canadian sexuality studies Association. Presenting ACSEXE+. May 30, 2016. http://congress2016.ca/sites/default/files/sites/default/uploads/303-sss-ses-2016-02-19.pdf

Concordia University, Montreal. Beyond disciplines panels: re-shaping diversity. April 27, 2016. Live stream of event

Concordia University, Montreal. In Practice: Community Engagement and Accessibility in the Arts.   February 17, 2016. https://www.facebook.com/events/474324792762697/

Université du Québec à Montréal. Semaine Citoyenneté et Handicap 2015. Présentation et projection du film, ACSEXE+. December 1, 2015.

Centre for Gender Advocacy, Montreal. Ableism and accessibility workshop for peer support volunteers. November 26th 2015. http://genderadvocacy.org/events/bbfa-workshop-4-ableism-and-accessibility/

Concordia University, Montreal. Community Based Research Curated DiscussionNovember 10, 2015.

Cha Island Cafe, Edmonton AB. Underwater City Zine I launch, Edmonton. June 10, 2015

McGill University, with QPIRG McGill. Panel presenter: Understanding Austerity, How Austerity Affects us All. March 26, 2015. http://rqge.qc.ca/events/panneau-sur-les-liens-entre-lausterite-la-justice-environnementale-et-le-colonialisme/

McGill University, Radical Affordances Conference: Emerging Scholarship, Art, and Activism at the Intersection of Media and Disability Studies. Presenting the Underwater City Project. March 23, 2015. www.radicalaffordances.ca

Board Meeting, STM. Performance and intervention. Read poem: Patient, Patient, Always Patient. March 4, 2015. Transcript of intervention

YWCA Montreal, with University of the Streets Cafe. Panel presenter: Prejudice, Access and the Everyday: How are disabilities experienced and perceived in Montreal? February 3, 2015. www.concordia.ca/about/community/initiatives/streets-cafe

Norman Berthume Square, Montreal. Take Back the Night March and Rally. Read: Tear Down those Walls. November 21, 2014. http://underwatercityproject.tumblr.com/post/105025595128/a-few-weeks-ago-i-had-the-honour-of-speaking-at

McGill University, Social Diversity Days: Facilitated Accessibility Audit. October 2, 2014.

McGill University, Social Justice Days: Accessibilize Me Baby workshop, fall, 2014.

McGill University Campus, Take Back the Night rally, November, 2014. http://genderadvocacy.org/events/take-back-the-night-march-2/

Concordia University, with Centre for Gender Advocacy. Facilitated public discussion: Gender, disability and sexuality: Real Talk with Accessibilize Montreal. September 30, 2014. http://www.cdeacf.ca/evenement/2014/09/30/workshop-gender-disability-and-sexuality-real-talk

Café L’artère, Montreal. Underwater City I: Searching for the most accessible city in Canada, launch. September 15, 2014.

Cafe L’artere, Montreal, with Gender B(l)ender Queer Cabaret. Performed readings from Underwater City I: Searching for the Most Accessible City in Canada. August, 2014.

McGill University, Accessibility 101: Why Accessibilize Montreal. October, 2013.

York University, York Aboriginal Students Association Knowledge in Sharing Stories Conference and Pow wow. Presented: “The use of New Media in Publicizing the 2011 Attawapiskat Housing Crisis”, April, 2012. http://yfile.news.yorku.ca/2012/04/05/annual-pow-wow-brightens-vari-hall/

McGill University, Kanata Indigenous Studies Conference. Presented paper: “Switching to First Person: Moving beyond the Liberal Rights Discourse in Aboriginal Rights Activism”, November 24, 2011. http://qpirgmcgill.org/kanata/

Stay updated on twitter @aimeelouw1 or check my Events page. Contact me to collaborate or invite me to speak!

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