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Ricochet Media

Federal disability law must tackle more than just discrimination in employment


Reporters Need To Hold Montreal Metro’s Accessibility Issues To Account

GUTS Magazine

When Inacessibility Gets in the Way of Dating

The Walrus

The Future is Accessible


10 things you can do now (like, this week!) to make Canada a better place

Montreal Gazette

Montreal has a long way to go on accessibility

Disability in KidLit

Review: Handbook for Dragon Slayers by Merrie Haskell

Canadian Women’s Foundation

Mixed Messages: Ableism in Dating

Montreal Media Coop

Trapped in the Turnstile: Reflections on the Inaccessibility of the Montreal Transit System

The Link

Locked on the 105: The Night an STM Bus Driver Held Me Captive

Underwater City Project blog


Life and Death by Wheelchair Accessible Taxi in Whitehorse

Cane-walking the Maple Spring

A story of two depanneurs

Good Crip/ Vindictive Crip

There’s something absolutely necessary about mobility

More from the Underwater City Project blog here

RAPLIQ Journal

What’s your ‘Handicap’? Reflections on the Word and the Week.

C’est quoi ton handicap? Réflexions sur le mot et la semaine


When inaccessibility gets in the way of dating

Lobster loving

To the person going on a first date and wondering if/ how to share their illness/ disability with the lucky date

Sex-myth busting time!

Sex positions for those with disabilities

Positions, positions, positions!

Sex doesn’t have to be gymnastic


Underwater City I: Searching for the most accessible city in Canada

–> Available at Venus Envy Ottawa and Halifax and Vancouver Public Libraries

Underwater City II: Stories of Love from the Broken City

Short Poems for Tired People

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Contact me on the Contact page and I will be happy to mail zines to you. Electronic versions available of all, audio version available of Short Poems for Tired People. Zine I $20, zine II $10, zine III $5 plus shipping. Or email me at aimee@underwatercity.ca

Peer Reviewed

Louw, A., Louw, A. 2015. Following women’s lead: Male involvement in violence prevention programming. Agenda Feminist Media Journal. Durban: 2015.

Louw, A. 2012. Our House: Creating Space in Canada through Self Expression. The Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Political Science Essays (CUJPSE). Montreal: 2012.

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