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And read on to find out about my book, Less Sweet than Chocolate or Concrete!

“These poems ask radical questions about complicity and belonging––all while inhabiting the tension of calling for “equal access” as a settler with a disability on unceded land.”

– Neil Surkan, in Prism International Magazine

Less Sweet than Chocolate or Concrete can be purchased here

“The way forward, for Louw, is to build community around uncertainty; around the refusal of tidy, reductive solutions. Part journal entry, part research essay, part collage of quotes from fellow scholars and poets, the resulting suite is both tenderly personal and intrepidly activistic.”

– Neil Surkan

You can peruse the other chapbooks in the dis/ability series here, too! Huge gratitude to Caryl Peters and Shane Nielson from Frog Hollow Press who mentored me and put it out into the world. Thanks to Katie and Paul Jung for the cover art.

Buy it online, here