About Aimee

I’m a a freelance journalist, writer, and producer of British and Afrikaans Canadian heritage. My media practice spans topics of accessibility, disability justice, sexuality, undoing settler fantasies, and feminism.

A contributor to CBC Radio, Canadaland, GUTS Magazine, Ricochet Media, Global Disability Watch, my written work has also appeared in the Montreal Gazette, the Media Coop, and The Link Newspaper. I’ve contributed to the Geeky Gimp and the Tempest.

I direct the series, Underwater City Project, which documents through writing and video, personal experiences of ableism and accessibility in five Canadian cities.

After being involved in accessibility advocacy and independent media coverage of Indigenous arts and resistance, I undertook a Masters in Communications to look at these two broad areas together asking, are there more ways we can support each other in our unique struggles? I finished that project and publication is forthcoming in the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, and a poetry chapbook with Frog Hollow Press, called Less Sweet than Chocolate or Concrete.

My film, My Shoreline, has received Award of Commendation at the 2016 Canada Shorts Film Festival and has been screened internationally at festivals including the Leeds Queer Film Festival, 2017 and the Silver Wave Film Festival, 2016.

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Reach me through the contact page or by email: aimee@underwatercity.ca