A few pics of the On- water city project today… We went on a biiig boat!! It was so nice to be floating on that water. To see the islands and hear the gulls hailin ass up there in the sky, looking for crabs to pick up, drop, smash open and eat. The ride was smooth, with no problems for the scooters. Even up to the observation deck, which was seriously windy and invigorating.

I had my traditional fries and gravy which I used to eat on the ferry every time my family would go visit our grandparents on the Sunshine Coast as a kid. I was really thinking of all the lovely times I had on the boat as a kid with my Mum and sister and sometimes cousins, and how the magic never goes away as I get older and obviously so much wiser;) I thought about how much my Auntie Bev loved the ferry. As I sailed between the small islands on the way to Victoria today I remembered her keeping track of all the boats’ comings and goings when we stayed in a windy cabin on Mayne Island once, figuring out when the next one was due so we could head down to the shore and wave it on through. I felt her with me as we sailed that narrow straight today. Well, signing off mateys, this seafarer is tired.


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