Do you ever feel like you should be doing more than you are? Like the years of being a student have trained you to never fully relax or hang out with a cat without guilting yourself for not writing or applying for grants or editing audio??

I feel like I should be doing somethiiiinnng here in the City on the Sea but all I want is junk food and naps and white wine. I guess today is a down day. I’ve seen a lot and interviewed some cool people, I’ve photographed, filmed, taken mental notes, trying to register how I’ll describe things here for people I’m going to see soon. I’ve sent a lot of emails and have anticipated to hear back from activists, that notorious breed of late-repliers.

With only a few days left of my trip I guess my mind is already kind of back in Mtl.. Setting appointments, planning when to pick up Klava the cat from her aunty’s house, hoping that another huge demo happens once I’m back.

Maybe I’ll take a rainy afternoon nap and the inspiration will come sit on my chest like my brother and sister in law’s cat has hypnotically been doing for this last idle hour.


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