Hey all, sending love to everyone on this beautiful Sunday!!

Where have I been? Well, I’ve been out in the real world, out of internetland for a while, working at an awesome peace and social justice kids’ camp. Feeling inspired! And before that? I was busy PRINTING and RELEASING my ZINE!!

Underwater City I is now out in the world! And more are available!

This is an official shoutout to all the beautiful people who came to check me at the Queer Between the Covers bookfair, and to all of those who have taken an interest in the Underwater City Project! Thank you for showing me love!

And for those of you who would like to get a copy of my (longer-than-expected-but-really-no-surprise-there) zine, message me and I can make that happen. I’m asking $5-10, or pay what you can.

As for what’s coming next? Well.. another publication is in the works, and fall is the season of… website creation! I’m going to be developing a more elaborate website to post blog posts as well as videos and other media creations related to Underwater City!

Lots of stuff on the horizon. Looking forward to more writing, workshops, and media production. I’m so happy to be having conversations about access and who’s welcome in our cities! Let’s keep it going!



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