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Operation get the fuck to Toronto!! After a lot of prep, and a fabulous demo last night (which I will write about soon) we’re finally on the road!!

But why are we driving? Well, Via Rail and Megabus have very restricted accessibility options: Megabus you have to book 48 hours in advance at least, and they restrict access to one mobility device per trip. Via Rail only has one spot for a mobility device on each train. Not train car, on an entire train. And we didn’t think we should have to fly just to go between two major cities in Canada/ we are way too cheap to fly, so J decided to drive. Although it is more of a hassle in many ways than simply boarding a bus or train. Lucky we had the option to take J’s wheels otherwise we’d have had to take separate trips or go with way fewer mobility tools… We’re already planning a lobbying campaign for Megabus to get their act together…

In any case, very happy to be on the road!!

Any guesses how many mobility tools we have in this van? Shit’s off the hook. We are READY!!! Excited to go see family and do some interviews for my rapidly forthcoming zine: Underwater City I.

On a passé par le plus petit rue dans l’Amérique du nord. J and I hitting the smallest street in North America. Fan Tan Alley!!