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See my overflowing bookshelf? In a few months it will be home to my very own mini book! Just got word that I received a grant for the first Underwater City publication:) Its going to contain excerpts from interviews about accessibility from five parts of the country, research and some wordy bits from meee! Can’t wait to paint a picture of accessibility across Canada and share my findings with you! In paper form!!

Bottom line: this laptop is going to see a lot more of me perched on the grass working this summer!

Wow! I woke up to so many emails from people in Edmonton interested un contributing to Underwater City!! Going to be a lot of conversations, interviews, and coffee in the next few days before J and I hop on the train!

Je me suis réveille et voilà il y a plein de email de les gens ici à Edmonton qui veulent contribuer au projet!! Je me prépare pour bien trop de café et des bons conversations et entrevues!! Vendredi on partent vers Vancouver!

Ok. You’re looking at what I solemnly promise to do every day that I’m traveling and prepping for the Underwater City Doc…

blog on this here Tumblr page!!

Follow me so you can keep up to date with the project and see more photos of my computer screen in front of various scenes:)

[one-handed typing on my laptop, screen shot of my blog page, in front of overflowing bookshelf]