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Excuse my absence, tumblr, I know you miss me

Recently, I have not been writing on this blog regularly, which I miss. I have been happily doing:

a reading to promote my zine – ie storytime for adults!

working on a communications contract for a cool org that works with girls

sleeping in

writing the beginning of a play about bedsheets


writing an article on sexual harassment and the beginning of the school year

rehearsing with my band – lalala

acquiring pain in my hands and arms from driving my scooter, and stressing out about this

celebrating my honey’s bday

starting work with an awesome media lab

planning a sexy workshop about gender, sexuality and dis/ability, which will be Sept 30th from 6-8pm in room LB-1019 on Concordia University campus in Mtl.


This is my solemn swear to post something more interesting than this list in the next three days. I’ll include photos:)