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Traveling with my feet up

Hey Underwater Creatures,

When planning my trip I wish I had taken into consideration the amount of time I have been resting my bod at home lately. Usually if I do something strenuous one day, I need a recoup day after to chill and do sitting things like writing or working on editing gigs or radio projects. Or listening to the radio. It works out pretty well. But while planning my time here in Edmonton I was kind of basing my activity level on how I used to operate when I traveled, which involved more walking and less resting.

Luckily I have gotten better at planning transit/ snagging rides, and have lovely friends and family here who like to transport me, so I certainly have not been stranded. But I feel a bit rushed in getting all that I would like to done here, meeting all the amazing queer crip-folk working to make E-town more accessible.

They have this fly dance party crew called Qmunity, who get together and dance and build community and be all hot. Next time I roll through I should certainly try and make one of these!!

Well, lessons learned. I have more time in Vancouver planned, and a scooter rental in the works, so I’m sure that will help. And then its joy-ride central. Yeeeee-Hhaaaawwww!!!!