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Here in Quebec, the ‘week of handicapped people’ organized by the provincial ‘office for handicapped people’ has just ended. The week is complete with movie screenings, accessibility audits of commercial areas, and a picnic in the park. No talk of criticism of inaccessible transit or cuts in homecare, or political action of any sort. Here is my article for the RAPLIQ journal (an awesome Montreal-based disability justice organization).

*Please note, my use of the word handicap is a translation of the French word for what we in English generally refer to as disability now. Don’t be turned off. Or maybe do be turned off. I know I am.

What’s your Handicap? Reflections on the Word and the Week · RAPLIQ

Smile at the pregnant woman’s stomach,
Sail silver girl.
Feed the ducks,
I will ease your mind.
I have manic tendencies,
Don’t want them to go,
but damn they’re a lot.

Where have I beeen?

Recently, my posts have been short and mostly about photos of silly things in Montreal’s architecture. Or various cats in and around various mobility devices. While fun, I feel I need to tell you where I’ve been and what is goinnn onnn in the Underwater City!

Well, I’ve been hustling. Hardcore.

I applied for some funding to produce the UWC Zine I, and got it! Its going to be a comparison of aspects of accessibility in five regions of the country, based on interviews. I’m setting up interviews and writing for that. Stoked! You have to wait!

I’ve been writing an article for the RAPLIQ bulletin, a really awesome organization here in Mtl who fight for disability justice. They are the royalty of disability activism. My article was translated by a fabulous editor and translator, and will be published next week. You have to wait for that toooo.

A poem that I’ve shared with you before is set to be published in the À qui la ville zine, produced by an awesome crew dedicated to a more inclusive Mtl. Stoked to be a part of this. But, you know the drill, have to waaiiiit!

I’ve been looking for work, to fund my unhealthy writing habit. No just kidding, I’ve been looking for part time work with youth. To get me away from the computer and back with kiddies- by far the best people ever.

And what about the documentary??
My lovely friend Lucy and I are preparing to shoot a promo video based in Mtl and integrating some of the footage from the trip across western Canada J and I took a few months ago. Its happening!

A painting? What painting?
Glad you asked! Said lovely friend Lucy has been working her buns off creating a beautiful work of art to accompany my poem in À qui la ville, and to perhaps, if she lets me, be used in other aspects of this ever-growing project!

So that’s my story. I will share things with you as they come out, and until then enjoy the cat photos and pictures of banks and other unfortunate places. And keep on fighting that ableism!

Écran solaire, check. Bouteille d’eau, check. Livre apeurant, check. Content de passer l’après-midi en écrire:)
Sunscreened up with a half-filled notebook and a full bottle of wataahh! Happy to be spending the afternoon writing:)

See my overflowing bookshelf? In a few months it will be home to my very own mini book! Just got word that I received a grant for the first Underwater City publication:) Its going to contain excerpts from interviews about accessibility from five parts of the country, research and some wordy bits from meee! Can’t wait to paint a picture of accessibility across Canada and share my findings with you! In paper form!!

Bottom line: this laptop is going to see a lot more of me perched on the grass working this summer!

I’m back bitches! Time to edit lots of video and audio to make a nice l’il Underwater City demo video for y’all. Also, lots of half-written things to be finished and shared with your yearning senses:) Hapy to be back in mtl with a fresh spirit and perspective!

Ok. You’re looking at what I solemnly promise to do every day that I’m traveling and prepping for the Underwater City Doc…

blog on this here Tumblr page!!

Follow me so you can keep up to date with the project and see more photos of my computer screen in front of various scenes:)

[one-handed typing on my laptop, screen shot of my blog page, in front of overflowing bookshelf]